Product History

The genesis of CyaSSL dates to 2004, when Larry Stefonic and Todd Ouska realized there was no other open source, dual licensed embedded SSL library available. OpenSSL was available at the time, but many OpenSSL users wanted an alternative that was easily portable, smaller, faster, available under a clear commercial license, was equipped with a clean and modern API, and offered commercial-style developer support.

Out of this market need, CyaSSL, complete with an OpenSSL compatibility layer, was born. The first major user of yaSSL’s SSL library was MySQL, the world's most popular open source database. Through bundling with successful and popular open source projects like MySQL, OpenWRT, Mongoose, CURL, and Ubuntu, CyaSSL has achieved extremely high distribution volumes and user adoption.

An Evolution of Security.

Since it’s founding in 2004, yaSSL has developed a number of embedded security products.  A short description of each can be found below.  More detailed information on these products can be found on the products page, and if you are unsure which product best fits your needs, please read Choosing the Correct yaSSL Technology.

  1. CyaSSL is a C-language-based lightweight SSL library targeted for embedded and RTOS environments, primarily because of its small size, speed, portability, and feature set.

  1. yaSSL is a C++ language based SSL library for developers more comfortable with that language.

  1. yaSSL Embedded Web Server is a fast, embeddable, and easy-to-configure web server with a strong focus on portability and security. It offers HTTPS support built-in through the CyaSSL embedded SSL Library.

  1. yaSSH is a small, portable SSH implementation currently in its early phases targeted for use by embedded systems developers.

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CyaSSL 2.2.0

Initial CRL and OCSP support, static ECDH suites, SHA-384, medium session cache size, updated unit tests, protection against mutex reinitialization and more.

We’re here to help

We offer both consulting and support for our products. We work with customers and our community on feature requests, custom builds, ports, and can help with replacement of other embedded SSL libraries you may be using. We also offer consulting related to adding security to applications where our products are used. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  You can learn more about our consulting services, below:

Feature Additions and Porting

We can add additional features that you may need which are not currently offered in our products on a contract or co-development basis.  We also offer porting services on our products to new host languages or new operating environments.

Competitive Upgrade Program

We will help you move from an outdated or expensive SSL library to CyaSSL with low cost and minimal disturbance to your code base. The purpose of this program is to enable users who are currently spending too much on their embedded SSL implementation to move to CyaSSL with ease. 

An outline of the Competitive Upgrade Program:

  1. 1.You need to currently be using a commercial competitor to CyaSSL.

  2. 2.You will receive up to two weeks of on-site consulting to switch out your old SSL library with CyaSSL. Travel expenses are not included.

  3. 3.Normally, two weeks is the right amount of time for us to make the replacement in your code and do initial testing.  Additional consulting on a replacement is available as needed.

  4. 4.You will receive the standard CyaSSL royalty free license to ship with your product.

If you are interested in learning more, please Contact Us.

Where are we used? 

Today our products are successfully used in both open source and commercial application projects. CyaSSL is included in many types of network applications and devices, including smart devices on automobiles, IP phones, mobile phones, routers, printers, and credit card scanners.  As a matter of policy, yaSSL does not disclose user company or project names unless those companies have publicly unveiled their use of our products.  For a list of areas where yaSSL products are used, please see our Case Studies page.

For a list of Open Source projects which CyaSSL has been included, please see our Community page.  In addition, if your project is currently using CyaSSL, let us know!

Our Partner Network

yaSSL believes that partnerships are one of the keys to success.  As such, we have partnered with several companies, and are always looking for new partnerships.  Please see our Partner Page for a complete list of our current partners.

If you are interested in becoming a yaSSL partner, please Contact Us.

Company History

yaSSL, short for “yet another Secure Socket Layer”, was originally named by following the naming example set by yacc, or “Yet Another Compiler-Compiler.” yaSSL focuses on providing embedded security solutions with an emphasis on speed, size, portability, features, and standards compliance.  Dual licensed to cater to a diversity of users ranging from the hobbyist to the user with commercial needs, we are happy to help our customers and community in any way we can.  Our products are Open Source, giving customers the freedom to look under the hood.

Why does a security company that focuses on embedded SSL products choose a wolf over any number of possible logo designs?  The wolf was chosen to be part of the yaSSL logo for several reasons:  wolves like to live in free and open environments, they communicate and hunt in packs (like open source developers hunt bugs), and they are both lean and fast.

All of yaSSL’s products are 100% made in the USA and have been since the company’s birth in 2004. yaSSL as a company is based in Bozeman, MT, Seattle, WA, and Portland, OR. All product support provided by yaSSL is from native English-speaking engineers based in one of the three cities listed above.


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